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Special Focus

Training in Groups
12-term intensive program offered to corporate groups of up to six participants. This product is designed to accelerate the learning process so that each participant achieves a new level of linguistic competence in a relatively short time frame.


  • Enable participants to carry out their professional activities that require the use of the target language with confidence and ease
  • Broaden participants’ command of structural and lexical resources  geared towards business needs in general and the client company’s core business in particular
  • Develop fluency and comprehension for effective participation in face- to-face communication as well as in telephone and conference calls.
  • Raise proficiency so as to allow participants to defend their ideas and develop arguments by way of fluent oral and written communication.

Course Load
Defined according to the initial levels of linguistic proficiency identified and the company’s strategic targets. From three to twelve 60-hour cycles distributed in regular class hours and immersive sessions.