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Portuguese for Foreigners

Our coordination team identifies participant needs and prepares a program to meet objectives within the available time frame. Daily classes and full-day or half-day immersions are among the possibilities. The singular dynamics of this program enable participants to learn Portuguese and at the same time gain insights that will ease their adaptation to Brazilian culture and reality. Our 40 years of experience and continuous improvement in the teaching of Portuguese to executives and their families allow us to guarantee a rapid learning process. Starting off with simple situations such as introducing oneself, going shopping or maintaining a brief conversation, the participant will learn to confidently navigate the learning process:

  • Rapidly developing communication skills
  • Learning a broad range of expressions and vocabulary
  • Practicing correct pronunciation
  • Clarifying doubts about day-to-day practical issues
If you are coming to São Paulo in the near future, send us some information (or fill  in the attached form) and we will be pleased to propose a program design to fit your specific timing and needs.