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Global Language Training - GLT

This program is designed for professionals who seek a customized approach so as to develop effective oral communication at their desired level of proficiency in the target language. 

Individual class work or in groups of up to four participants.

Basic I and II / Pre-Intermediate I and II / Intermediate I and II / High Intermediate I and II / Advanced I and II

Course Load
Up to ten 48-hour terms.    

Mode Frequency Duration
Regular 1.5 hr sessions = two or three times a week 90 or 120 days
Intensive 1.5 hr sessions = four or more times a week 60 days
2.0 hr sessions = three or more times a week

*Consult us about our intensive 5-term annual plan.
IMPORTANT: The course load mentioned above is valid for English learning programs. The Spanish and Portuguese programs have their own specific course loads.