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Applied Language for Business

This program is designed to take a group of professionals from a specific business area such as IT, HR, Legal, Supply Chain, Credit Analysis, Finance, or Auditing, to the level of mastery needed to carry out their job functions. The program design and materials are created according to the established objectives and the linguistic gaps identified during the needs assessment process. The program is available in English and Spanish for groups of 4 to 10 participants.


  • fill in gaps at individual and group levels to improve oral and written communication key to the area
  • gain confidence to explain issues and ideas in meetings, phone calls and presentations
  • develop the effectiveness of written communication
  • broaden vocabulary related to the area and improve the pronunciation and use of terms that are already known
  • improve ability to apply grammatical structures correctly in documents and oral communication pertinent to the area

Course Load
Defined according to the group’s needs and timeframe in modules of 32 hours or more.